Sunday, 17 August 2014

Through the Backyard Fence

My name is Mohit. I work as an engineer in Silicon Valley for a large chip-maker. I've lived in Sunnyvale, California for a few years now. My parents immigrated to Southern California about ten years ago and I ended up going to Caltech before moving up north. 

I suppose in many ways I've lived a charmed life, but I've always been torn between two worlds, not quite fitting into either of them. My parents wanted me to have a more traditional arranged marriage. I wanted a more modern wife, but someone who wouldn't be afraid to stay at home with the kids. 

Finding my wife was interesting. There are many misconceptions about arranged marriage outside of India. No, my parents didn't have somebody in mind, a daughter of a friend of the family. Unlike my parents, who'd only met a few times before they were married, I wasn't going to be forced to marry somebody I hardly knew. 

When the time came I was subjected to a daily barrage of emails where I was cc'd by my father, who seemed to spend all his time looking for prospective brides online from his home in San Diego. For many Indians new to the US, stuck between two worlds, this is a common right of passage.

Still, in the spirit of romance and adventure I'd endeavored to find a suitable match, a girl who I'd fall in love with and be my karmic destiny. That being said, you'd be surprised who you see on these websites. My father once asked me if I'd be interested in a girl who worked down the hall. 

When I met Divya she was the perfect match. She was a nurse at a local hospital. She had a kind and caring attitude and we shared similar values. 

I called my parents with the happy news that I'd found "The One".

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Madhu's Job

Madhu was a very smart and enthusiastic woman. At 28 years of age, she was quite young and energetic in her daily life. She was married to her long loved partner Harish, whom she met at her college. Harish was also a good guy with right attitude. He works in a private bank and was doing well with his job. They were married for two years. They didn't have any kid as they decided to enjoy life a bit before going to have a family.
Madhu was very beautiful and of charming nature. At around 5'8", she has a tall and slim body. Her round face, nice rosy lips and fair complexion added bonus to her beauty. But the most stunning feature of her beauty was her perfectly shaped sexy body. Madhu was not all that voluptuous but she did have proper amount of flesh at proper places. Especially on her two full boobs, and her nice round ass. Her nice pair of D cup sized boobies could easily catch everyone's eyes. Her long and shaped legs and above them her nice round ass was also looked quite heavy and obvious on her slender frame.

In fact, Madhu was quite a head turner in her college years. All of her male friends and even some young professors also tried to have her attention all the time. Madhu was aware of all these. She actually uses her beauty to seduce some of her senior guys to make them help her out in her study. She even did let her Chemistry professor, Mr. Kulkarny to kiss her and fondle her nice body once, for passing her in her final chemistry practical. But that was only for one occasion and she never met that man again. She was a smart girl and knew how to handle situation very well. Her husband Harish has no idea about any of her those activities.

Wife getting gang banged on honeymoon

My name is Sudhir from Delhi and my wife Rajshree. We were on our honeymoon in Goa. Two days ago we had got married and had our first night. On the first night itself I got a very strong feeling that not only Rajshree was not a virgin, she had been regularly fucking guys and quite often. She seemed to be very experienced and really enjoying all sex acts.
She sucked my cock like a whore, rubbing it on her boobs, cheeks and even deep throating. On the very first night I entered her ass too and understood that she had pretty good experience of anal fucking too. In a few minutes I even began wondering if instead of just one, she had several regular boy friends who fucked her frequently.
Some how, this knowledge, instead of infuriating me excited me? I had seen several blue films of gangbang and was always excited by the idea. Now having a girl in my arms who loved gangbang was the ultimate that I could think of! Now on the first day of our honey moon as I touched her boobs, the thought came, “How many boys must have squeezed these boobs!”
As I unbuttoned her blouse and began sucking the nipple. One of most beautiful parts in a women’s body. I started giving small licks on her nipples and teasing them. Her moans increased. I imagined another guy sucking her other nipple and got excited. I became a bit more violent and started sucking the nipples.
I was pressing one with my hand and the other was being fed to my mouth. I sucked her boobs for good 10 minutes before moving down again. I made a line with my tongue from her boobs to her belly button. I licked her belly button area. She was wearing a pink colored panty. This color drives me crazy.
When I moved up to her panty she closed her legs and blushed and didn’t let me touch there. I kissed her again on her lips. I didn’t remove her panty straightaway. I kissed her pussy over the panty and then I kissed her milk white spongy inner thighs. I licked her thighs for sometimes before moving down. She was moaning all the time.

Adult Nursing - Sherry's Story

It had seemed like a crazy idea to Sherry when it first occurred to her. But she needed money and this was a way to get some that would allow her to express the desire that had been building up inside her for what seemed like years.
Sherry had developed early. As a young teen her double-d cup bustline attracted a lot of attention, all of it unwanted. The boys all wanted to "score" with her so they could brag about it to their friends. They would pretend to care about her until they had their chance to grope her in the movies or in the backseat of their cars. The girls weren't any better. Most of them called her unkind names like "Jugs" and wouldn't associate with her. They assumed that the whispers about her being a slut were true. They resented her sexy figure, mostly out of jealousy. And so Sherry was alone.

Terry had been the one boy who had been a true friend. Sherry remembered the history project that they did together. Terry had been nervous to even talk to her, but he was smart and when he talked about the Civil War, his interest made the subject interesting to her. But even their friendship seemed to draw unwanted attention. The guys teased Terry mercilessly about being after Sherry's bosom and the girls assumed Sherry was giving herself to Terry as they assumed she had given herself to all the guys in school.

The truth was that both young people were virgins. And their friendship was platonic. Terry had acne and felt ill at ease around all the other girls. Sherry was like the sister he never had. He thought she was pretty, but he was so sure no girl would ever look twice at him, that he never considered her romantically. Sherry was just happy to have someone to talk to. At first all their conversations were about schoolwork, but finally one day Terry came over to study for the biology test with Sherry and she opened up to him.

"So mammals are characterized by being warm-blooded vertebrates who have hair and nurse their young." Terry recited. Then he added without thinking, "From their mammary glands."

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fucked By Husbands Boss And Peon

I am Shabana Begam.
I have two kids one 6 years and another 9 months old. So my boobs are ripen fruits ready for its pulp consumption. My age is 32 and my figure is 32-24-30, height 5.6. Many people starve to fuck me. When come across me. The story goes like this, which happened in 2010 may. We are not a rich family and my husband is an ex-military soldier who is working in a firm, nearby our house. Every day I’ll carry lunch for him in the afternoon so that my husband can have, hot food, Initially there was no problem while I was taking him lunch but later on boss of my husband use stop me, have a conversation with me and allowed me to meet my husband. I use to get angry as food which I got for my husband gets cold. But in order to sustain my husband’s job I didn’t not express any anger towards him and if my husband loses this job he can’t get a job which can pay wages as this firm do. After few days, boss (Stephen) of my husband (Nabisa) did not allow me to give him food and use to say Nabisa is very busy you should not disturb him every day wasting most of time for lunch. Next I pleaded him for allowing me to serve him food. Then he said even I am hungry since many days for your ripen mangoes. I didn’t not say anything and went back home.

Let me describe Stephen. He is a black guy with a height around 5.9ft and with well-built personality and ugly face. He has rough and broad face and rough strong hands. His face also has a long scar on right cheek. He became a nightmare for me, I got scared when ever my husband speaks about him. After that incident, I use to send lunch with my husband not telling him any story by just saying him that I can’t get lunch as I have some leg pain. Nabisa was not able to eat food and yelled at me to get food at any cause to office, so I have no option but carrying lunch to him. I can’t tell him what happened because am not interested in my Nabisa losing that job. So I carried him lunch. I have to face Stephen again. This time he just came in front of me, there were many people in the office but he covered me from them standing in front of me. He said I want pulp of this ripen mangoes and squeezed left boob very hard by which my jacket around nipple got wet milk from it is oozing, it gave me lot of pain but I didn’t say anything just bared it. Then Stephen allowed me to my husband who is in another cabin.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Dripping Nipples Lead To Fucking

Hello friends i am an active reader of issue for last year, let me tell you m a 5′ 8″ tall wheatish completion and an athletic body from Chandigarh .It’s my 1st story it sounds like the girl involved is very white and is 36-28-36 a very sexy figure within no fat but all curves so fine like drawn by an artist.
It’s a 3 yrs old story when i was in 12th class, a couple shifted to our neighbor house along with a baby 7 months old, the man used to go for work and the girl used to come to our house for passing her time, till the time i had no bad intentions for her slowly we got frank. And i used to go to her place for taking help in mathematics she was very helpful and very intelligent, all was going well when suddenly her husband got transfer letter and he used to visit here fortnightly and some day there was a theft in our colony so on his next visit he asked my parents if i could sleep in their home at night saying that is my final exam time so will get better preparation and he will be relieved that someone is there with his family, my mother agreed.
And now i started sleeping in their home at night slowly we me and bhabhi became more frank that we used to talk like college teens (but had no bad intention) .On 5th day when i entered the room at night she was breast feeding her baby, that was the 1st time i got a glimpse of her white milk cream vessels. I immediately got a hard on over my boxers ( i used to sleep in boxers only) so directly went to wash room and released my load, suddenly she knocked the door that hurry up she wanted to use washroom i came out quickly.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Latha fucking father-in-law and friend

My name is Latha, father in law is Rakesh Prasad, husband is Vijay who lives at Kuwait, and mother in law is Sarita Devi. I am 29 yrs old having one kid 2 years old. I got married 8 years back. Earlier I had written my real story about how I was being cared in my in law’s home. Once my husband and in laws opened the words of incest and made me a family slut, we all began living happily in one room.
We all sleep together. We do not know the real father of my kid, my husband or his dad. All our incest activities started because of my husband’s infidelity. Once my husband got job in Kuwait last year, he began staying there; he was supposed be back by next year only. I along with mother in law live with father in law as his two wives inside our home and outside, nobody knows.
We have regular threesome sex in house. And my husband is aware of all our activities between father in law, mother in law and yours truly as we regularly inform him of our sex escapades. Last week my father in law’s friend and his long time office boss Keshav Rajaendran visited our city.
He was working with father in law for almost 11 years before retiring and he helped my father in law in many ways. There were even some allegations against Kumar and my father in law in finance issue of company and I heard that my mother in law and Kumar were seen some places in wrong circumstances. We went to meet him in is house.
Kumar welcomed us very well. He was all alone, now a widower and his sons were abroad. While we were going back to home by bus father in law kept pressing my breasts from under the saree pallu. I caught his cock and squeezed it. No one noticed it in the bus. I remained wet all the time. When reached home I was very horny for a fuck.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Frank's Present

Frank is my little 80-year-old neighbor at the cottage. His wife passed away a long time ago and he spends most of his days alone. A month or so ago Frank watch as I had sex with several men, including the neighbor's son that lives on the other side of my cottage. When he approached me about it, I ended up letting him eat me out and fuck me. I also gave him a blowjob. That is when he told me he had not had sex for 20 years and that he never gave or got oral sex in his life.
I created a photo album of me in various stages of dress and performing several different sex acts. I actually made this for my husband but decided to give it to a few others that I thought might like to watch it. I thought that I might give one to Frank. It is my hope that it might make his day. I also plan to help keep his time between fucks shorter than the last one. I have told my husband that I plan to take a disk over to Frank's with my pictures and some videos of me on it. I also tell him that I plan to have some fun with Frank while I am there. He tells me that he is sure Frank will love it.

On Sunday, I get ready to head over to Frank's house. As I am getting in the shower, my husband asks me what I am going to wear. I tell him I have not picked anything yet, but if he wants to, he can pick something out for me. I head back into the bedroom after my shower. My husband has picked out an outfit for me. The outfit looks like it came right out of the fifties. He has picked some silk stocking with the black seem up the back and a heavy garter. He gives me a cone shape bra like the kind the pin up girls used to wear. I have no panties to wear. My shirt is a tight button up angora sweeter with a nice deep v neckline. He also provided me with a short pencil skirt.

Monday, 30 June 2014

A Willing Participant part 1

A Willing Participant #1, Road Trip
Chapter 1

"Road Trip!" Mary cheerfully called out as she happily scurried about, gathering up things they need for their trip. She was trying to get her teenage son excited about trip to visit her sister, but Travis wasn't buying it.

"Ooo... Yea... Road Trip." He replied sarcastically in a low monotone voice. He didn't share his mother's enthusiasm.

"Bull shit." He added under his breath.

His mother could be such a pain in the ass. He didn't want to go on this trip, but she was making him. She insisted he go, thinking it would bring them closer together. She felt they were drifting apart because he spent so much time with his dad.

Travis was dreading the long drive to visit his aunt and cousins in Sacramento. A whole week they would be staying. He didn't know if he could stand the little brats that long.

"I heard that! Oh come on. It'll be fun!" Mary said excitedly. Even though she had no special plans, she was looking forward to getting away. She just wanted to lounge by her sister's pool and enjoy some fun in the sun and margaritas.

And... she also hoped for a girl's night out with her sis. It might be just what she needed to jump-start her comatose love life.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Susan My Wife Fucks Our Driver

My name is Venkat and I am from Chennai, India. My wife, Susan and I have been married for past 3 years. Before marriage, Susan was a senior to me at work and was a year older by age. Also we were from different faiths, she being a Christian and I a Hindu. Our families, both hers and mine, were completely against this alliance. But we stood by each other and got married. We cut all formal ties with our families and moved to Mumbai immediately after marriage. Susan, now a 30 year old, has a great body – she is slim with 36B cups and her hips are exceptionally broad. She is a bit on the shorter side and a her skin color cannot be called ‘fair’ – but that just adds to the sexiness about Susan. She was an object of desire for every male at work before I got lucky. I don’t know what Susan saw in me – as I am physically not well-endowed. I did not carry a great personality either. When I worked under Susan before our marriage, I used to address her as ‘madam’. I actually used to fear her for her seniority – even though I had fallen in love with this beautiful Indian lady. But gradually Susan perhaps began to understand my feelings towards her and one day she herself asked if I wanted to go out with her for dinner. I was delighted with the offer and we visited the best Chinese restaurant in the town. Things gradually started moving and in 4 months since that dinner, Susan and I tied the knot. It was not a “Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding”, but a 30 minute appointment at a registrar’s office. The same evening we board a train to Mumbai to start a new chapter in our lives.
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