Friday, 10 April 2015

In Debt

We had been married about two years and things were going great when he lost his job. I was working, but only a mundane shop job that paid peanuts. We had just about enough money to eat. There was no way I could stretch my income to pay the bills that dropped through the letter box with frightening regularity.

Perhaps I should give you a bit of background. Andrew was my first boyfriend. We met while I was still at school and it soon developed into a wonderful relationship. We loved each other so much and we got married after a few years. I was just eighteen and so na├»ve, but he soon taught me the way to be a good wife. He had previous girlfriends and some of them were quite wild, if all the things he wanted me to do were anything to go by. I didn't mind that he had previous experience, as one of us needed to have some knowledge didn't we? 

My sex education was nothing more than we were taught in class at school and a little playground tittle-tattle, girly gossip. I, of course, knew what I needed to do and I quite looked forward to married life.

Following the loss of his job he tried to find work. Day after day he sat at the computer following every lead, going for interviews several times a week. He had protected the mortgage by insurance so that wasn't a problem, and from our savings we could last a few more months, but money was getting tighter every day. 

I economised on food and stopped buying any kind of extras; not a drop of wine passed my lips for weeks. He lost his car it was part of his salary, so we only had my old banger, it needed some repairs to make it suitable as the family car. 

Wife & The Doctor

My wife is originally from India. When I married her, she was in her early twenties and her family had just immigrated to the US. Having been raised in a conservative background, she was always very shy about her body. I was always looking for ways to make her less inhibited. I wanted her to wear more revealing clothes, and to show off more of her body. I always found it a turn-on to have other men look at her. She had a slim, tight body and never failed to get attention from men wherever she went. 

I had to transfer to a new job a few years after our marriage. As part of the transfer, I had to switch to a new HMO and had to select a primary doctor for my wife and I. For some reason, I always found it exciting to think of a male doctor examining female patients. I looked through the list of doctors with their pictures provided by my insurance company and deliberately picked out a white male doctor who looked like a hunk, and signed him up as my wife's doctor. 

My wife had to make a preliminary visit to see him just to get the paperwork done. She was a little uneasy about going to him because up until then she had only been to female doctors, both in India and in the US. I did not tell her that I had picked out the doctor for her. She thought that she was assigned to him at random. On the first visit, she had to fill out some forms and the doctor asked her about her medical and family history. After she came back from the visit, she told me all about the doctor and mentioned that he seemed like a very friendly guy. 

Mother's Milk

"Tomorrow? Are you sure?" Kylie rubbed her forehead in confusion. She could have sworn that Nathan's check-up was scheduled for today; she'd checked her Blackberry twice before undergoing the complex preparations involved in taking an infant out of the house for an extended period of time. But the Blackberry would only confirm the note she made to herself, and Kylie had to admit that she'd had a lot on her mind the last six months. (And the nine months before that, as well...)

But Doctor Saunders' receptionist just smiled apologetically, and swiveled the screen around so that Kylie could see it. "Says right here, Tuesday morning, eleven AM. I'm sorry, dear."

Kylie chuckled ruefully, and rummaged around in her purse for her Blackberry. Once she'd found it, she adjusted the sling slightly before Nathan could begin fussing about his new position, and pulled up her calendar. The whole thing had come to seem effortless, now. "Let me just make a note of that," she said. "I'm sorry, Marie, you probably think I'm such a scatterbrain." (Being on a first-name basis with everyone in her pediatrician's office--another thing Kylie hadn't expected a year or so ago.)

Marie shook her head lightly. "No, of course not, dear! You probably just made a little typo with the date or something. Folks do it all the time...and better to come in a day early than a day late, right?"

A Black Baby

I know it will be black when it's born, there can be no doubt. For the last year, Michael, our lodger, has been much closer to my wife than I have. And when I say close, I mean close. Mona won't let me anywhere near her since he moved into our spare room. Although his tenure in that room didn't last very long at all.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was working all hours and my wife, Mona, was at home all day by herself. We are a childless couple (I am considerably older than she), and we thought that a nice, polite young college student like Michael would add a little life to our quiet home - how right we were!

It happened really quickly too. Within a week I came home to discover that Mike's position in our home had been elevated from that of lodger to lover. Like any man, at first I was horrified when I discovered them in bed together - actually, they weren't in bed. I came home early from work one day to find Mona on her knees in the middle of our lounge with Michael's large black cock sticking out of her mouth. What shocked me more was that they both seemed so cool about it. There was no crying or regretful apologies, no remorse or embarrassed covering of naked bodies. They didn't even acknowledge that I was in the room until Mona had encouraged a huge deposit of sperm from Michael's cock and then proceeded to swallow most of it with a gleeful expression.

Of course, I ordered him out. Told him to "fuck off" in no uncertain terms, but when Mona said that if he went then so would she, I realised that I was in trouble. It was obvious that we had to talk. I wanted to talk to my wife alone but, again, I was to be disappointed. It seemed that as we were all in this together, then we would all talk together. I had very little say in the matter; Mona and Michael had already virtually decided what was going to happen before the conversation started: They were going to be together. If I didn't like it, I could leave or I could stay and just deal with the situation. The problem was that I still loved my wife, worshipped at her feet - quite literally sometimes - to lose her would have been the end of my world.

Breast Feed Neighbors

My wife and I have known Austin and Jane for about eight months; they are in their early twenties, about ten years younger that Kathy and myself. This Friday we invited Austin and Jane over for dinner. It was the first time we had invited anyone over since our son was born two months ago. Dinner went well Kathy made a really good meal and we all enjoyed each other's company. Just as we finished eating little Jim started to cry, Kathy excused herself and said it was time for the baby to eat. The rest of us cleared the table and each got a cup of coffee before heading into the living room.

We all sat in our usual places. Austin and Jane were openly staring at Kathy breast-feeding Jim, when Kathy looked up and they realized they got caught staring they turned beat red. Kathy and I couldn't help but laugh. "Relax you two." Kathy began. "A baby breast-feeding is beautiful. I don't mind if you watch." For the next several minutes they asked lots of questions about breast-feeding, and really loosened up. 

Kathy was wearing a loose fitting dress that buttoned down the front, sitting on the couch with most of the buttons undone and her nursing bra. After several minutes she uncovered her right nipple making no attempt to hide herself before moving Jim. As Jim continued to nurse Kathy again made no attempt to cover her left breast. Normally Kathy would keep covered with a baby blanket. 

It didn't take long for the conversation to change from breast-feeding to how much Austin enjoyed sucking Jane's nipples. And of course Kathy had to let them know how much I enjoy breast milk. Jim was asleep in minutes and Kathy asked me to put him to bed. As I came back into the living room, Kathy had a wet wipe and was cleaning her nipples Austin and Jane never took their eyes off of Kathy's breasts. 

A Game Gone Wrong

We are a twenty-nine year old couple that has been married for just five years. We met during our studies in the MBA program of a major university in the south and got married shortly after graduation. 

Sarah is a beautiful brunette 5'6" in height and weighing 122 pounds with perfect C cup breasts that sit high on her chest. Her hair is coal black and has a deep luster that accents perfectly her dark brown eyes and creamy complexion. Because she works out religiously, her body is extremely toned with hardly an ounce of fat. In addition to her looks, she is also very intelligent having graduated near the top of our class and now works in the finance department of a large multi-national corporation.

How I landed her has always been a pleasant mystery to me. My name is Chris and I certainly don't equal her looks. I view myself as average with a build of 5"11" and 180 pounds. I work in sales for a nicely growing regional company and between our two incomes and our decision to put off children we are able to enjoy a pretty nice life with a home in a good neighborhood and the ability to dine and travel without a huge need to watch costs. 

Another good thing about our relationship is an active and fulfilling sex life that is highly communicative. In addition, we both enjoy talking about our fantasies and seeking out ways to expand our sexual horizons. What makes it even more fulfilling is the fact that Sarah and I only had limited sexual involvement before we started dating. Sarah had been with one man prior to me which was a long term relationship during her undergraduate college days and I had been with five women starting with a girlfriend in high school. Thus, most of our explorations are first time experiences for both of us.

Amy in Africa

Amy thought it was the most wonderful opportunity she'd ever had. Her faculty advisor had chosen her to accompany him on his sabbatical. He was taking a year to study an obscure tribe in the Central African Republic. The opportunity had taken her a bit by surprise because she was certainly not her advisor's favourite, nor was she anywhere near the top of her class. But when he offered her the chance, the budding social anthropologist jumped on it. 

She was fully aware that it would cost her an extra year of study, but it would be the ideal opportunity to do extended research for her PhD. It might also set her up for a coveted faculty position at some point. None of her classmates would be able to post such a study on their resumes. 

The trip was to be quite arduous and the tribe's location both remote and rugged. This was not to be a luxury holiday retreat. They would be sleeping in small huts, living off the land as the natives lived. Amy had been told to travel light, but thought it was ridiculous that she had only been allowed one small backpack, which left her room for only one change of clothes. 

Doctor Doyle had told her not to worry. They would be able to obtain local clothing at the village. Of course, it was probably best to dress like the locals, allowing them to blend in while they conducted their study. Yes. Living with the tribe, eating what they ate, even dressing like they dressed. It was all so exciting. 

The trip was exhausting. After what seemed like an endless flight, they transferred to cars, then four wheel drive Jeeps. The last two days were completed on foot. Amy looked down at herself in disgust. Her clothes were filthy and torn, and she could hardly stand the smell of herself. Her only hope was that there would be somewhere to bathe and she could get some fresh local clothing when they got there. 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Amazing College Days

Hi everyone! Today I am going to tell you about my second story. I have posted my first story earlier. Thank you all for your amazing response. Now I am going to share another experience. For the new readers, let me introduce myself first. My name is Shreya Agarwal. I am 30 years old. I divorced my husband 1 year ago. I am working in a BPO and lives in Gurgaon. I am on a little naughty side. For me life is for fun. We have got just one life, so we should enjoy every part of it. I am a regular reader on this site from last 5 years. I am a sex addict. I have many experiences to share with you all and I hope you all will like them. You can find me on “”.

In my first story I told about how I lost my virginity during my amazing college trip. Now I will tell you about my further college life; how I became sex addict; how I started using boys as my sex tool. I was in second year of college when I lost my virginity with my boyfriend ‘Anshuman’. I was deeply in love with him. After the trip, our college started again. All our classmates got to know about the things happened between me and Anshuman. We both were the centre of topic of discussion in the whole class. We were enjoying the attention. Anshuman’s friends became my best friends too. We all use to hang out with each other. Our bonding grew day by day. They all have seen both of us naked too. We all use to enjoy a lot; we use to do party and all stuff. We all became so friendly that they used to tell me to repeat the session with Anshuman again. They want to see us having sex again and all that. We used to laugh a lot while all this.

My Unique Encounter With A Lesbian Maid

Honey is back to share another of her experience with her reader friends. Thanks a lot for your lovely emails and feedback. And thanks ISS for this amazing opportunity. I’m 30, single and love to take life as it comes. I have catchy eyes, shapely lips and huge boobs and ass that kind of make me quite noticeable to others. But adding to that is a daring slut in me that sometimes lifts her head from slumber and takes me for a ride! And I love her too, whatever. She gives me pain and pleasure, but she gives me guilt too undoubtedly. That’s how uncle and I stopped doing what we were doing during the early days of my graduation. After that life moved on normally. But the sensuous world like a huge octopus stretches out its tentacle whichever way I go and pulls me into its magical spell. And I let myself fall happily.

The graduation results were out and I had plans of moving into a different city for my post grad. So I thought of visiting my grandparents who were living in the outskirts of the city and spend some days with my old grandparents who were dear to me. I reached the place by noon and found my grandparents loving and chirpy as ever. They introduced me to a new maid Nalini. I faintly remember my cousin’s gossip when I was very young about a woman in the neighbourhood who was interested in a girl next door. Her husband even divorced her coz she was already like husband to her neighbor friend. And that was Nalini too. This maid was in her forties now and had heavy boobs but with a masculine physique overall. But she looked quiet and calm as she was introduced to me. She also attended to my grandparents with a lot of reverence. Nay, this can’t be the woman, I thought.

After greeting my grans and having our initial chat, I went to have shower, which is the first thing I do when I reach home after any long distance travel. When I came out in my towel after shower, I was shocked to see Nalini in my room. She was holding a tray with juice in one hand and with the other she was fondling my lingerie on the bed. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a round-cup black acoba bra and a baby pink cotton panty. When she saw me, she was equally shocked to see me then and to see me like that clad in a towel exposing the bulge of my boobs and cleavage above and shapely thighs below like some south Indian A movie heroine. Her eyes grazed on me from top to bottom in lightning speed and then fixed her eyes on the juice on her tray and told me, “Madam asked me to get you some juice;” saying that she kept the tray on the table near the cot and left the room.

Getting Punked

Dad and I were at the hardware store when Robert called. I showed the screen of my phone to my dad before answering. He rolled his eyes and I giggled. My husband Robert was both sweet and stupid. My parents had never supported the match. I didn't anymore, either. "Honey, got the chance to leave the office early so I'm working from home for the rest of the day." Thanks for the big news, Robert. Sometimes I didn't know what he was trying to tell me. This was one of those times.

Besides, I had better things to do. I was busy spending time with my dad running errands. Being with him was almost always fun. He and I had been buddies all of my life. He had been an officer in the military and I was just about your average military brat. He was my gentle giant and I wanted to be the good girl. He was also a wry trickster and I was his partner in crime. We were constantly laughing to ourselves and secretly punking everyone around us - from the barista in the coffee shop to my mom to the paranoid neighbor across the street. Everyone was a potential victim for me, and I sure wasn't going to stop at my husband. He was used to it. Not that he seemed to get smarter; he just took the hits like a sweet and polite man. This time around I really wanted to take it up a notch - especially after our conversation this past weekend.

"Watch this," I said to my dad softly as I held the phone away so Robert couldn't hear. I had to stop myself from laughing before I spoke.

And then to my husband, "I've got that surprise set up for you. Whattaya think?" 

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