Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Rupali and Suva Enjoying Lesbian Sex

Rupali and Suva were living in as neighbours with their familys in Jaipur. Suva was good at heart and very friendly so Rupali liked her. Suva used to tie rakhi to Rupali husband and Rupali used to tie rakhi Suvas husband Although Suva was in early thirties and Rupali was also of same age as Rupali, Suva used to call her bhabhi.

Suva had 3 children and Rupali also had three children and all of them were in same school nearby. Both familys were a middle class. Rupali was fair and well built and had fairly large round breasts where as Suvas was also fair and healthy but her breasts were smaller and perky type.

Both were good friends and used to visit each others house every day and exchanged food items and other things daily . Suva always noticed Rupali ample breasts and used to feel jealousy of her breasts and her large cleavage which was visible always to Suva.

She used to tease Rupali jokingly frequently about her breasts in bhabhi nanad manner and she used to try to touch them sometimes because she was also attracted to them. One day they were to visit someone in another distant area of their city. So Suva got ready and went to Rupali house and found she is not still ready.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Challenge

Ellen and David were going to a Swinger's party. They sat in the well-appointed mini-bus with seven other couples. This was only their third Swinger's party so butterflies were swarming in Ellen's stomach. David noted her nervousness and reassured her.

"Remember the last party?" he asked. "You didn't think you could do the things you did then!" he taunted.

"You enjoyed it." She rejoined.

"I did." He admitted. "It was certainly interesting to watch you. But then that was always one of my fantasies."

"So have you fulfilled all of your fantasies then?" she asked teasingly.

"Well there is one very special fantasy that we haven't done yet." He admitted.

"Oh?" she queried.

"You remember how we talked of you accidentally getting pregnant if we participated in this scene?" he reminded her.

"You want me to get pregnant!?" she asked, surprised.

"Not really," he admitted. "But taking the chance would be interesting."

"That's not something I could do deliberately." She replied.

"I know. And I'm not sure I would feel comfortable asking you to do that deliberately. But accidents happen even if we do use condoms." He replied. "And this is a 'Bareback' club were everyone is screened for STD's"

Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Wife Game

After dinner, Doris Blake sat on the sofa with a glass of burgundy wine and watched the evening news. Her husband Tom was at the driving range and her 18 year old daughter Tammy was out with her friends. The 37 year old blond was a stay at home mom; she was pleased with her life and didn't mind not entering the job market. Tom was a dentist and insisted that Doris did not have to work, although the credit card bills had been piling up lately and he urged her to cut down on her spending. 

The telephone rang and Doris answered it and spoke to her friend Joyce, "Hi Joyce, what's up?"

Her friend excitedly told her, "There is a new reality show on tonight at 9pm. I read all about the show and it sounds wild. The show is called 'The Wife Game' and the wives have to live with other families for three months. Can you imagine living with another family and having a different husband for three months?"

"No I can't, that sounds crazy, why would anyone want to do that?"

"Well, to start with you get $100,000.00 for three months and a chance to win one million. You really get an opportunity to see how other people live and you get to sleep with another woman's husband."

"The only thing that is tempting me is the money. Tom is the only man that I have ever been with and besides, if I sleep with her husband then she will be sleeping with Tom, right?" 

"Sounds like you both could use a little change; just think how exciting it would be. Watch the show and think it over, I will call you after the show, bye."

Game Night Gets Wild

Every week a group of us, specifically four couples, have game night. Game night basically meant wine night for the women and whiskey night for the men. We are all married and in our late 20's to early 30's. Lindsey and Chad are a couple. Lindsey is a flirty brunette with killer eyes and an ass to die for. If her boobs were bigger she could be in playboy. Rachel was married to Erik and she's my wife's best friend. She is a tall brunette and is basically all woman. What I mean is she had gigantic breasts and child bearing hips. Let's just say that when that whenever she is wearing a bikini I make it a point to bring sunglasses with me. Ben and Kristen are the newest couple to the group but we have still known them for years. Kristen is blonde and above average in every category. She is beautiful, has a nice ass, and nice perky size B tits. My wife Andrea is also blonde. She has small D tits, a firm bubble butt, and strong legs to match her ass. 

This particular week the Ben and Kristen were hosting and their kids were at a sleepover so the drinking was even heavier than normal. Somehow the topic of swinging came up and was discussed at great length. We were necessarily talking about doing it, rather just talking about it in general. That is until Rachel said something to the effect of, "Honestly, there are so many temptations today for men and women. Bust mostly men...I feel like you should be rewarded for staying loyal and true. I don't think I would want you to sleep with another woman but I don't think I would be that upset knowing you got head from someone else."

Glory Hole

Jean, my twenty-eight year old wife, had been asking questions about the adult bookstore downtown for some time now. She wanted to know what was in there, who was in there, what went on in there and what might happen if we went in there. (MMF, gh, breast-torture-fetish)

We’re finally here, I thought to myself as we pulled into the parking lot of an adult bookstore a few miles from our house. Jean, my twenty-eight year old wife, had been asking questions about it for some time now. She wanted to know what was in there, who was in there, what went on in there, what might happen if we went in there. 

She had heard about glory holes, especially as they were used by the gay community for anonymous oral sex. But she also wondered what she might do in there, wondered what might be done to her in there. For months now, she had raised the occasional question, the probing inquiry. But now we were here, parked, ready to go inside.

Jean was dressed for the event. She wore a short dress that was low cut, showing off her firm tits. She had lots of tan shoulder and arm exposed, lots of sexy leg. Only three buttons on top kept the dress on her. It could be removed in an instant. Underneath she wore, at my suggestion, nothing. Her sandals made her legs look so tan, so naked.

The Contest

I don't know how my wife found out about the contest but once she learned of it she couldn't stop talking about it. And soon she was trying to get me to enter it with her.

My wife, Julie, was a slim brunet with small breasts and nice, well shaped ass. She had been a virgin when we married but she quickly learned to love any kind of sexual activities. She especially loved sucking my cock and swallowing my semen. Maybe it was her love of cock sucking that piqued her interest in the contest.

I should tell you a bit about the contest and why I thought it had Julie so excited. First was the $50,000 prize for the winning couple, which I guess would excite anyone. The second aspect was the details of the contest itself and what it entailed for the contestants. The contest was a sexual one and directly involved one of Julie's favorite sexual activities, sucking cock.

In order to win the contest a couple had to enter together. The woman was require to suck the cocks and swallow the cum from her mate and four other men. The woman would be blindfolded the entire time, and she would only have the taste of the cocks and semen to tell which man was which. If the woman could identify her mate from just the taste of his semen when he came in her mouth the couple would win the prize.

Monday, 28 September 2015


Fahima Begum sat in front of her bedside mirror unable to concentrate as she struggled to fix her hijab properly. Lately her mind had been plagued by doubts and sinful thoughts that no married Pakistani woman should have, and yet there they were. Fahima had been married to her husband, Ali, for 15 years now, whilst it was a good marriage it was missing something. In 15 years of marriage, Fahima and Ali had not been able to conceive a child. They had visited many different doctors to find out why and they all confirmed, what Fahima knew deep down, that Ali had an extremely low sperm count. 

The news shattered both of them and completely broke Ali. Fahima did her best to comfort him, assuring him that she held nothing against him and trying to explain how she loved him even more.

"It's Allah's will, my jaan, there is very little we can do. We can try for adoption," she said to him mustering all the enthusiasm and faith she could.

"Maybe," he replied in a flat tone. You could hear how shattered his heart was by the waver in his voice.

"Nothing is going to change, my jaan, but at least we still have each other," Fahima said with a small smile.

Four Play

The vacation had been set for almost a year. Tom and May Bradley were going on a cruise with their best friends Jack and Kate Arnold. Both couples were celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversaries only two months apart. However the only major problem was how the couples were to get to Florida. Tom and Kate did not like to fly so they decided to drive to Florida. Since both May and Jack had started new jobs they did not have enough vacation time to drive down so they had flight reservations to fly down on Friday evening. 

It was the first week of February and bad weather was hitting the east coast with heavy snow in New Jersey, Maryland and Northern Virginia. May begged Tom and Kate to fly down with her and Jack but they would not fly. They had to leave a day early on Thursday which meant they would have to stop over about halfway in South Carolina. 

"Now you two be good," Jack said to his wife as she got into the passenger seat next to Tom. "And remember to get separate rooms." 

"Don't worry, I only have eyes for you," Kate said as she kissed him. She looked at the light snow falling. "We better get going." They pulled out into the traffic on the NJ Turnpike just north of Newark and knew it was going to be a long haul because the traffic was going only 30 mph. 

"Let me know when you get tired of driving and I'll take a shift," Kate said to Tom. She looked at the handsome tall blonde man and realized that if she wasn't married he would definitely be one of her targets. 

Friday, 25 September 2015


"Why don't you just ask her?" Dave said,.

"I'm pretty sure she wouldn't go for it."

"I had the same problem when I approached Jean. Her first reaction was no way. She wasn't about to become involved in group activities. But I got her thinking about it-the idea was planted, and one day she asked for details, the people, where, when, what we would be doing. And then I knew she was going to come around. A meeting was set up-she was a little reluctant at first, but when we got into it she found she was really having a good time, and now she is a very enthusiastic participant."

I said, "You know Karen is pretty straight-laced, she doesn't fool around and it would be a tough job convincing her to get involved in extra-marital sex. She might get mad as hell that I would even be thinking about involving her."

"Just plant the idea, don't push, let it germinate. Maybe mention it again after she thinks about it some. I could have Jean talk to her-tell her more about our activities."

Finally I got the courage to broach the subject to Karen. At first she was appalled-then angry. She said, "I can't believe you would want us to get involved in extra-marital sex!"

I said, "a lot of people are doing it these days, and they seem to have fun with it. It isn't love-it's just sex."

wife swap

All she has on is a sexy nightie. As we lie on the bed, I put my hand on her flat stomach and rub it ever so gently in a circular motion. I slide my hand down to her mound and just gripped it 'til she starts to moan. Damn, what a woman! We've been married for 18 years now.

She gets hot pretty easily. She spreads her legs and  says, "Are you going to fuck me, or what?

I just started laughing as she reaches for my cock. It's rock hard and she just rolls over and climbs on. As she's riding me, I reach up and grab hold of her big bouncing tits. I feel her getting ready to climax as she leans forward and gives me a big lip lock. I put my arms around her and hold on tight while I start spewing my cum deep inside her. Damn! Am I ever glad I married her. She is pretty much my everything, besides my two teenage daughters.

I'm Jack and she's Jill, I know that sounds corny but those are our names. As I mentioned, we've been married better then 18 years. I'm a Dentist, actually a DDS, "Doctor of Dental Surgery," I guess that's sounds more impressive and gets me the big bucks.

As she rolled off me she gave me another kiss and said she had something to ask me.

I looked at her and said, "go for it, what is it?" 

She looked at me smiling and said, "I want to fuck another man!"
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